Welcome to the music page! I will be adding more tracks as they become worthy of an audience. Please feel free to enquire about the availability of any song though the contact form at the bottom of the page for the purposes of licensing etc. These songs are NOT available for download, or purchase to the general public.

I typically write on guitar and have history with riff-based rock and the band Starewell. Recently I have taken some forays into piano-based writing which means I am capable of mocking up a song structure and lyrics, but need help from talented pianists to fully execute an idea. My sister Chelsea Pederson plays the majority of piano on the two tracks named “Defeated” and “Love First”. I attempt piano on “Like a Woman”.

“Summer (hey there)” is my recent foray into virtual instruments, drum loops and is generally a happy song, an outlier in my collection, for sure! “Searching with my bad eye open” is the result of messing around with a new string plug-in.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned for more music!

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