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I have been playing instruments since I was 6, and writing music since I was 15 years old. When I turned 15 I negotiated with my mother to quit playing piano – more specifically, classical music which I despised at the time – in exchange for keeping up with music in a different form. Alas, guitar was for me, I for it, and we have yet to part ways. My brother Wade finagled a similar truce around the same time and transitioned to drums. In retrospect, as is so often the case, without mom’s insistence on “music lessons” one of the biggest gifts of my life would have never happened. Thanks mom.

Wade and I would compose music together for 20 years in the vain of riff-rock (as we called it) under various monikers, the most prominent of which was Starewell. With college buddy’s Chris Rozell and Mark Bromley we survived on original music for the better part of decade until real-life came calling. We became family men and dads, and frankly the break from writing music was a blessing for me. By the time the band had finished its last studio album in 2013 I was completely spent of all motivation and creativity.

Seven years away from music and writing was exactly what the doctor ordered, and the pandemonium around COVID-19 the ideal kick starter to get the rusty gears turning again. There is so much to say in these ridiculous times, and so I hope to begin adding music into the public domain again, in whatever form that takes. Thanks for visiting the site.


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